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The Great Gutsy


I’m Stella.

My name means STAR in Italian.


I’m Stella.

My name means STAR in Italian.

I was born in a small town in Sicily, to parents who travelled the world. Even though I lived most of my life outside my country, I was still brought up on all the classic Italian foods, like pizza and focaccia. Talk about a delicious childhood! 

Growing up, I decided to study business and finance at college, which led me to work for a big corporation, crunching numbers as a Financial Controller. Systems and processes became my day-to-day life.

 It was only years later that I made the bold decision to pivot and switch careers.

Today, I’m a Holistic Gut Health & Nutrition Coach on a mission to help people find balance and joy in their lives.

And let me tell you, I’m here to spread the word that food can be powerful medicine. With so much misinformation out there, my goal is to empower the world with knowledge and make it a healthier place.

I am incredibly passionate about all topics related to Health & Nutrition, and I am especially blown away by the current findings on the human GUT. You know, with all that talk about it being our ‘second brain’, and being the key for optimal digestion, weight management, immunity and disease prevention?

But my decision to quit a successful career in finance and pursue the role of a Health Coach, as you can imagine, was not only based on this fascination. It was more linked to a personal challenge that I had to deal with.

Years ago, I experienced severe and debilitating stomach pain that only got worse with time. I eventually ended up in an emergency room in spasms of pain, wondering if something was seriously wrong with me. After taking several tests, I was finally diagnosed with IBS, a common condition that affects 15% of the population. I was then dismissed with good news and bad news. The good news? IBS is not serious or life threatening. The bad news? There is no known ‘cure’ for it.

I found myself at a loss for what to do next. It was disheartening to learn that this condition was shared by countless others who had yet to discover a solution.

I eventually made a decision:
I wasn’t going to go through life in pain.

Instead, I educated myself. I studied. I gained more knowledge about the intricate workings of our digestive system. I learnt about inflammation and food intolerances, and eliminated the foods that were affecting me, including Gluten and Dairy. I tweaked and tweaked, and then tweaked again my diet, to rebalance the gut microbiome and manage intestinal permeability. I started taking exercise and sleep a little more seriously. I gave it time, patience and consistency, finding the drive to persevere on my journey each day. And I found that dealing with stress and emotions was a big, if not a huge, part of the picture.

Today, I am completely free of IBS symptoms.

Can I say that I healed from my condition? 

Not necessarily: some medical professionals might argue that I simply earnt to manage my symptoms.  But here’s the thing: healing can mean different things to different people, and being free of symptoms is enough for me. My journey to better health helped me understand that our bodies have a natural ability to repair themselves, if we give them the opportunity to do so. And when I witness the exponential results that come from small, targeted interventions through time, I am reminded of how powerful our bodies can really be. 

In my role as a Health Coach,

I have two main missions

The first is to inspire my clients to embrace change and transition into a healthier and happier version of themselves. 

The second is to master my mum’s Pizza recipe and make it completely Gluten-Free. I won’t give up until it is absolutely perfect!

Now, how about YOU?

can you relate to this story?

Are you experiencing similar symptoms and feel demoralized, thinking that nothing can be done? Are you unsure of what to eat for dinner, concerned that any food might cause you digestive distress?

Or maybe a doctor recommended a Gluten-free diet, and you don’t really know how to get started?

Know that trusting others to support you is part of your healing journey. When you are ready, I am available to talk to you about your health concerns.  There is no right formula for success, and what worked for me might not work for you. Just know that I have been there, and I now have the tools to support you and deal with your unique situation.

My approach to health coaching is different from the rest. Having worked for years in a large corporate environment and focusing on numbers, I was constantly engaged in problem solving. I knew the importance of following a process to achieve results. Transitioning to coaching, I came to understand that without an action plan, progress can be difficult.

My bespoke coaching plans offer you more than coaching: they provide a structured process with a focus on finding solutions to your specific needs. 

My Credentials

  • MBA DIPLOMA (Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK)

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